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PI Directly Plated to a Board

Diamond Particle Interconnect (PI) Plated to PCB

Exatron US Patent 6,703,851

Diamond Particle Interconnect, PI, contact system for IC testing plated direclty to the PCB for contact.
PI Plated to Printed Circuit Board

Exatron's own Diamond Particle Interconnect contact system material (PI) can be directly plated onto a printed circuit board. When used in conjunction with a leaded device this can yield very high power and very clean high frequency results. When you have a testing need for high frequency and/or high power and you do not want to solder down the device, PI plated to your board can be your answer.

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Close up image of PI, Diamond Particle Interconnect directly plated to printed circuit board, PCB.
Wire Bond Like Contact Quality

Since there is no separate contact system such as elastomers, spring probes or Kapton® style interposers etc., the contact between the device contacts and board pads is essentially the equivalent of a solder ball or a wire bond connection, effectively zero inductance, zero capacitance and zero resistance. Some customers have said to us they felt the PI contact is actually electrically better than a solder ball or wire bond.

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DUT Board with contact material, PI , direclty plated onto PCB.
PI Plated To Board Applications

The process of plating Diamond Particle Interconnect (PI) directly to a board generally requires that Exatron makes your PCB for you as this is an additive proprietary process requiring an experienced level of skill. Applications are typically for automated test handler processes, but can also be used in bench testing scenarios specific to your needs. Let us know your requirements, we can help.

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